Welcome to the Brickell District Miami. We’re a dynamic and sophisticated neighborhood in Downtown Miami known for luxury high-rise condominiums, upscale dining experiences, trendy stores, and zestful city living. As the financial center of the city, Brickell is for both the fun and the business-savvy. This walkable neighborhood holds some of Miami’s best shopping experiences, including Brickell City Center and Mary Brickell Village. Check out some of the highly-rated restaurants, such as Marabu Brickell or Novecento. After dinner, you can hit up Brickell’s classy and chic nightclubs- Blue Martini, Blackbird Ordinary, and more. With so many places to go, you’ll never have a dull weekend.

Throughout the years, Brickell has become an increasingly popular place to reside. The densely populated area is filled with high-rise condominiums and luxury apartment spaces. Here, you will find some of the most beautiful residential buildings in the entire city. Over on the east side of the neighborhood, the Biscayne Bay glimmers stunningly from across the shoreline. Parks and pathways along the Bay are easy to get to and provide a bit of respite from the busy city environment. Off the coast sits the infamous Brickell Key, a man-made island turned into a luxury community of high-class apartments, hotels, and restaurants.

As the financial center of the city, Brickell is filled with office buildings, banks, and other businesses. It is one of the leading international business and banking capitals in the region. The entrepreneurial spirit is almost tangible in the air, adding even more spirit to the liveliness of the district. Brickell is also a centerpiece of history, culture, and contemporary art. Museums are dotted around the neighborhood, including the Brickellian and other hip art galleries.

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