Ready to go out on the town? These bars in Brickell have your back. Whatever mood you’re in, the bars in Brickell District Miami have what you’re looking for with drinks, music, dancing, or simply laid-back Florida vibes. Where will you wind up for your next cocktail?

1. Sugar

Perhaps the most well-known rooftop bar in Brickell, Sugar is the sweet spot you’re looking for. You’ll find it on the 40th floor of the East Hotel where you get to drink in spectacular views of Miami while you drink down your favorite libations. It gets pretty popular, so be ready, but it’s ideal for any special occasion thanks to its unique ambience.

2. MO Bar and Lounge

One of the most glamorous Brickell District Miami bars is MO Bar and Lounge. That’s in the lobby of the Mandarin Oriental, and as the exotic locale suggests, you can get some truly ornate cocktails here while you check out the views of the skyline and Biscayne Bay. If you’re of the YOLO mentality, then you won’t mind the splurge.

3. Blackbird Ordinary

Blackbird Ordinary is no ordinary place. It’s one of the oldest bars in Brickell District Miami, not to mention one of the most popular ones too. If you’re a true night owl that doesn’t even head out the door until midnight, then this is your spot. Drinks and dancing go on until 5am every night. The dimly-lit venue features tasty drinks and outside, you can groove to DJ-spun tunes or jam out to a live band when available.

4. American Social

When you want to catch the game or catch up with friends, or do both at once, American Social is the Brickell bar you want to find. There’s something for everyone here at this sports pub, with TVs all around plus waterfront views. Drink specials and delicious food further add to the appeal. It’s the ideal spot for a more relaxed evening on the town.

5. Better Days

After a long and tiresome week, you’ll be looking for better days ahead, hence why you should seek out Better Days, the Brickell District Miami bar that resides under a Brickell tower. It’s got that local watering hole feel to it with eccentric décor, pool table, and board games to amuse you. When other bars feel too uptight for you, come schmooze here and you’re sure to find those better days.

6. Baby Jane

Start out at Baby Jane and you’ll be on your way to an amazing evening at this Brickell bar. It’s a noodle bar, the perfect place to fuel up for your night on the town. Linger a bit and it transforms into a sexy cocktail spot. No worries if you show up later though as food is still available in the form of sassy starters like rock shrimp tempura or tuna poke tacos. Perfect for the drinker that loves good food along with their booze!

7. Sweet Caroline

Have you ever dreamed of belting out “Total Eclipse of the Heart” to a random room of strangers? If this is your idea of the best bar in Brickell, then you need to head to Sweet Caroline. This devoted karaoke bar has a cozy layout and over 300,000 songs from which you can choose. The happy hour is awesome too so come early with your gaggle of friends and get ready to sing all night long!

8. Batch Gastropub

For another sports bar option in Brickell District Miami, head to Batch Gastropub. There are TVs so you can catch any game and of course, that bar food that you’re craving done to absolute perfection. Beer buckets and discount cocktails are also available, making for a more budget-friendly way to drink in Brickell.

9. El Tucán Nightclub

Need some of that luscious Latin nightlife in your life? El Tucán was once a cabaret that is now a nightclub with bottle service, DJs, and wild LED shows. For those that want to go clubbing but don’t want to deal with the drama and chaos of South Beach, this is the place to shake your tailfeathers. Plus, the interior has that old Havana style that makes it stand out from the throngs of typical Miami clubs.

10. Tobacco Road By Kush

Tobacco Road and Kush have joined forces and brought this cherished spot back to new life. In this new location, it still has the old décor from the bar along with food and drinks inspired by the original, which was once the oldest bar in all of Miami. The good news is the revamp has gotten everything right from food to drinks, making this a fantastic Brickell District Miami bar to pop in for your next day or night on the town.

11. Level One

This chic destination is a Brickell bar that is full-on hotspot. Artisanal cocktails will get you in the mood while the creative food will give you something to balance that buzz. There’s live music and dancing to keep the spirit alive. If you like your drinks with plenty of tunes to keep you moving and grooving, Level One is the bar for you!

12. The Bar At Level 25

It’s sleek, elegant, and full of sophistication, all the while never feeling pretentious as other places do. In the Conrad Miami, this hotel bar has a warm and friendly feel that welcomes you in from the moment you arrive. Menus arrive like newspapers that give you more than just the food and drink options. You can read something fascinating while you wait for your friends or date to arrive, or simply gaze out upon the view from 25 floors above Miami.

13. DOM’S

Want to find the best bar in Brickell off the beaten path? DOM’S is the place to go, if you can find it. Even locals have trouble stumbling upon it, though if you find the 10th street Metro Mover station, it’s right underneath. This discovery will net you awesome cocktails and beer in a chill atmosphere. Just adjacent to DC Pie Co. Pizzeria, you’ve got your whole mellow night ahead of you, with the promise of a tasty slice later on when all those cocktails make pizza impossible to resist.

14. SoCal Cantina

For a Brickell District Miami bar that has amazing tacos and drinks, make your way to SoCal Cantina. Reggae music sets that relaxed not-a-care-in-the-world vibe, so come sip some margaritas, and enjoy the scene. It gets crazy on Taco Tuesdays, but other than that, head to Dolores Lolita and you’ll see it on the left of the main entrance.

15. Red Bar

Red Bar Brickell is one of those retro types of places that you’ll be delighted to find. There are games and comedy shows, plus you’ve got a menu full of unique specialty concoctions. Later on, the place evolves when a live DJ takes the stage, perfect for dancing. If you’d prefer to enjoy it while it’s relatively chill, show up earlier.

16. Rosa Sky

When Sugar is too crowded to enjoy with the view obscured by all the other revelers, head to Rosa Sky. You’ll find it atop the AC Marriott with a panorama that, dare we say, may have Sugar beat. There are killer cocktails and innovative dishes too. Order some Cuban Cigars if you’re hungry – no, they’re not for smoking. They’re Cuban sandwiches done in a most unique way to be deep-fried and indulgent, presented to you in an ashtray (a clean Cohiba one) for an innovative treat.

17. Wet Deck Lounge

By day or night, head to the Wet Deck Lounge on the top of the Viceroy Hotel. This rooftop Brickell bar and nightclub boasts amazing Miami views, a pool that will keep you cool while you party on, and nightly DJ performances where you can dance until you drop. With plenty of food and drinks to satisfy your spirit, this is where you go to make a splash in Brickell District Miami!

18. 8Street Brickell

For an upscale ambience, 8Street Brickell features the classic setup. You’ve got those treasured cocktails, live music, and a feel-good energy you can’t deny. Luxurious couches and fun lighting set the mood while the main bar spans floor to ceiling for a unique effect. Inspired by 1920s speakeasy style, it’s the kind of place you’ll love lounging around with your libations.

19. Area 31

While it’s on the 16th floor, this rooftop bar in Brickell still gives you a world-class view. Sure, there are rooftop bars that are higher up, but here, you’ll get an extraordinary view of Biscayne Bay and downtown all at once. The menu brims with fresh seafood and craft cocktails, the perfect place to catch some fun on your weekends.

20. Vista Pool Bar

When in Brickell District Miami, the weather can get muy caliente so hop on over to Vista Pool Bar for a stylish and fun experience. It’s right next to the rooftop pool at Novotel Miami Brickell, making it an iconic bar experience. You’ll find delicious tapas and craft cocktails that you’ll sip up while enjoying the splendid Miami skyline and bay right in your view. Open from noon until midnight, it’s a fun spot to come and let day turn into night.

21. Barsecco

Buzzy and breezy, Barsecco evokes a sensual side when night rolls around. This dimly-lit place creates a cozy feeling where shared plates and creative cocktails converge. Later on in the evening the energy percolates along with the evolving music for a place you’ll love to linger for cocktails until late at night.

22. Candela Bar Brickell

Candela Bar Brickell is all about that Latin vibe. With an atmosphere that mimics the liveliness of the best clubs in Colombia, the music, food, and dancing will infuse your spirit and speak to your soul. If you’re looking for a festive place to party on the weekend, this bar in Brickell District Miami is going to be your favorite!

23. Tea Room

This hidden place is an enchanting discovery you’ll wish you found sooner. With Asian roots, it is nestled well above the busy Brickell District Miami streets, serving as a bit of a speakeasy. Understated elegance and comfortable surrounds are the setting for creative cocktails and the only Asian Night Brunch in town which is a 2-hour dining experience you’ll want to return for every weekend. Along with live music, you’ll feel as though you’ve been flown by private jet to Hong Kong any time you want an escape.

24. CMX Stone Sports Bar Brickell

For a Brickell City Centre bar, CMX Stone Sports Bar is tucked inside a movie theater. This contemporary place is perfect for catching sports before or after you see your movie. It has the largest indoor LED screen in Florida plus tasty cuisine that will help you anchor down those handcrafted mixologist-prepared cocktails. On weekends, a DJ spins tunes to add to the atmosphere, though any other night, sports fans will surely appreciate the design of this chill sports bar.

25. The Lounge at SLS Brickell

And finally, one of the best places to be seen is The Lounge at SLS Brickell. With vintage cocktails, Italian delights, and a cozy style, you’ll feel right at home in the private nooks with couches while you sip and dine. The balcony terrace features a fireplace, further adding to the home-away-from-home vibe. Perfect for after work or a saucy evening date, or even to comfortably gather with friends, it has set the perfect mood for unwinding and feeling alive.

Now that you know where all those Brickell District Miami bars are, you can choose one for whatever style you’re feeling tonight!


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