Brickell Key, also known as Claughton Island, is a man-made island off of Miami’s downtown coastline. The island holds numerous condominiums where people can choose to reside or stay for a short-term trip.

If you are planning a trip to Miami, Brickell Key is one of the most beautiful and luxurious places in the city. With incredible views of both the ocean and the city skyline, you will surely not tire of being there.

Read on to learn more about Brickell Key, where you can stay, and some of the top things to do.

brickell key

About Brickell Key

The Brickell Key Island was accidentally created in the early 1900s due to a dredging effort to deepen the Miami River. The discarded materials from the river were dumped into the ocean, where they compiled into a landmass.

The island was initially seen as an eye-sore that blocked the beautiful views of Bay Biscayne. There were quite a few plans to dispose of the landmass before the city had a change of heart and decided to start placing bids on the property.

The land was passed amongst a few buyers until the 1970s, when Swire Properties purchased most of the island and began their plan to build multiple highrise condominiums and a hotel.

Now, Brickell Key is one of the most unique condominium communities in the world, renowned for its luxury lifestyle, beautiful views, and direct access to the lively Brickell neighborhood.

Where to Stay – Mandarin Oriental, Miami

For those who want to reside on Brickell Key during their trip to Miami, the only hotel on the island is the Mandarin Oriental.

This 5-star hotel is everything you could possibly wish for on a luxury trip to Miami. With a private beach, infinity pool, a high-end spa, and fine dining, you could stay on the island for the entire trip if you wanted.

The hotel is also within walking distance of some of Brickell’s best shops, restaurants, and nightlife experiences. It offers a great balance of access to the dynamic city life while also providing you with a quiet oasis outside of the bustling city streets. The views of the skyline and the Biscayne Bay are stunning and can be enjoyed from your own private balcony.

Hotel rates go from $219 a night for deluxe skyline view rooms to $1,189 for premier bay view two-bedroom suites. They also have presidential suites and penthouse suites available for additional rates.

Important Information

Address: 500 Brickell Key Drive, Miami, Florida 33131

Phone Number: 305-913-8288


Top Activities to do on Brickell Key Island

Though Brickell Key is a small island, there are a few fun activities you can partake in while you’re there, including the following:

  • Visit MO Bar and Lounge
  • Have a picnic at Brickell Key Park
  • Go souvenir shopping at Islanders Marketplace LLC
  • Take a walk or jog on the 1.3-mile loop around the island
  • Eat at La Mar by Gaston Acurio
  • Watch for ships and dolphins at the Centinel lookout

Is Brickell Key a private island?

No, Brickell Key is not a private island. It’s actually a man-made island in Miami, Florida, United States. Brickell Key was created in the early 1900s when excavated materials from the construction of the port were used to create an artificial island. The island was originally used as a dumping ground for dredged materials, but it was later developed into a residential neighborhood.


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