Brickell Key Miami

Brickell Key Miami

The Brickell Key neighborhood is located in Miami, Florida. The area is known for its exclusive island community, which is home to luxurious condos with waterfront views. The island is accessible only by boat or shuttle, and offers a variety of shops and restaurants within its gates. The neighborhood is also home to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, which features exclusive restaurants and a spa.

Brickell Key is a great place to live if you want to experience the best of Miami living. The island is centrally located, so you’re never too far from the airport, Coral Gables, South Beach, or Coconut Grove. And, because it’s surrounded by water, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful views.

The atmosphere and lifestyle on Brickell Key are like no other. The island is a haven for those who appreciate luxury and convenience. You’ll find a variety of shops and restaurants within its gates, as well as the luxurious Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Brickell Key is also home to some of the best amenities in Miami, including swimming pools, gyms, Jacuzzis, racquetball courts, and more.

Brickell Key features:

– Exclusive island community

– Luxurious condos with waterfront views

– Accessible only by boat or shuttle

– Variety of shops and restaurants

– Mandarin Oriental Hotel with exclusive restaurants and spa


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