Craving something sweet? Head to Rosetta Bakery Brickell and you’ll be rewarded in every way. This country-chic bakery venue features bright, cozy, and cheerful space that welcomes you in from the moment you arrive. But long before your eyes can take in the rural charm, your nose will be finely-tuned to the aromas of scrumptious delights that await your tasting.

The name for Rosetta Bakery in Miami Brickell came about as Rosetta was the older sister to 5 little brothers in a tiny countryside house in Italy. Rosetta worked at the mill there and brought a special bread to share with all of her brothers. It was a piece of joy in an otherwise bleak existence.

Once grown up, one of those little brothers brought his vision to life through a team of talented bakery professionals. While the family is keen on remaining anonymous, Rosetta Bakery in Brickell has become a famed oasis for delightful baked goods.

Additionally, Rosetta is a special type of bread found in Italy as well as other European countries. It has a special shape, sometimes called the Michetta, but whatever you want to call it, it represents the masterful art form of Italian baking. This hint of history is baked into every item, using top quality ingredients to create immaculate offerings.

Inside this comfortable space at Rosetta Bakery Brickell, you’ll be treated to an array of wonderful creations. With a glass wall in place, you can see everything made before your eyes. This fascinating live baking show of sorts is a form of entertainment while keeping transparent so you can see the effort and talent baked into everything on the menu.

Rosetta Bakery Brickell Menu

And speaking of the menu, the Rosetta Bakery Brickell menu has something spectacular for every food mood you feel. There’s focaccia in plain, topped, or filled formats. Pizzas and sandwiches served on fresh-baked breads with an array of meats, cheeses, and vegetables make for an incredible lunch. Italian coffees can kick off your morning, or be the reason for your afternoon revival.

Of course, nothing compares to the sweets at Rosetta Brickell. The signature croissant can be enjoyed plain or with apricot, raspberry, or cream and Nutella. There’s the famous Bombolone filled with cream or Nutella, and a beautiful fruit tart with fresh fruits and homemade cream. Can’t decide? It’s a tough one, that’s for sure, but the Rosetta mini cakes will give you a little bit of everything wonderful all at once with a variety of tasty fillings that include chocolate, berries, and cream.

If you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply want to show up to a gathering with the best dessert in Brickell District Miami, then make sure you get one of the Rosetta Brickell cakes. Classic Millefoglie is a traditional option made with puff pastry and fresh custard cream, or choose the chocolate version made with fresh chocolate cream. There’s plenty more that will make your decision even harder, though there’s no rule that says you can’t come back again and again to try it all at Rosetta Bakery Brickell!


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