Miami offers a vast array of fitness clubs and exercise programs for those living in the city. One of the most popular choices for the many urban professionals residing in Brickell, one of Miami’s top neighborhoods, is SoulCycle.

SoulCycle is an indoor cycling and spinning fitness company that has many unique exercise classes great for working out the entire body. The classes are known for being held to the beat of some of today’s top hits, making them both physically vigorous and fun.

Read on to learn more about SoulCycle in Brickell, Miami, and all the fun classes offered there.

Miami SoulCycle Locations

Here is a list of all the Soulcycle locations in Miami:

  • SoulCycle BRKL (Brickell)
  • SoulCycle SOBE (South Beach)
  • SoulCycle (Coral Gables)

Soulcycle Brickell Miami

SoulCycle BRKL is located on 9th Street at Brickell Heights, only a few blocks from the coast. This central location makes it an easy place to get to from all condos and apartments in Brickell.

SoulCycle Brickell Classes

Classes offered at SoulCycle Brickell Heights are 45 minutes in length and feature both strength training and high-intensity cardio. This combination works in tandem to sculpt and tone your muscles while providing you with an incredible workout experience.

SoulCycle Brickell offers standard classes as well as some fun themed classes. Upcoming themed classes include the following:

  • Miley Cyrus vs. Dua Lipa
  • Soul X Bumble IRL
  • Disco Morning
  • R&B Soul Night
  • Deep House Night
  • Soul Survivor

With so many interesting classes, it is hard to get bored exercising with SoulCycle!

SoulCycle Brickell Instructors

SoulCycle takes pride in having instructors who can encourage and support their class participants with energy and enthusiasm. They come from all over the country and have unique traits that make them all great instructors.

These are the instructors currently operating at SoulCycle Brickell:

  • Kamelle – A dynamic personality who loves to sing, dance, and act. He was born in Texas but has taught SoulCycle in New York, San Francisco, and now Miami.
  • Raul – A classically trained clarinetist who loves to combine his passion for music into his SoulCycle sessions.
  • Lexi – A wild soul from Boston, Massachusetts who has swam competitively her entire life. Her classes are said to be dance parties on bicycles.
  • Kitty – A natural performer from Long Island, NY who loves to dance, act, and perform stand-up comedy. She loves to make her classes both fun and funny.
  • Rachel -A hippie soul from North Carolina who loves theater, music, and fitness. She previously participated in the NYC marathon before becoming a SoulCycle instructor.
  • Allison – A competitive figure skater and basketball player that loves soul and rock music. She pushes her classes hard, so be sure to expect a great workout.

Important Information

Address: 25 SW 9th Street, Miami, FL 33131

Phone number: 305.407.8801


Parking: There are three parking options

  • Brickell View Terrace – 110 SW 9th St
  • The Shops at Mary Brickell Village (SW 10th St and SW 1st Ave)
  • Street parking (Monday-Friday)


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