Brickell is a neighborhood located in Miami, Florida. It is the urban financial district of Downtown Miami and boasts some of the best luxury apartments and condominiums in the city. It also holds a variety of delicious dining, popular museums, and other entertainment venues.

The zip codes for Brickell, Miami are 33131, 33130, and 33129. The most common zip code is 33131.

Read on to discover how zip codes work and learn more about Miami’s dynamic neighborhood of Brickell.

What Are Zip Codes?

Zip codes are five-digit numbers that represent a specific delivery area within the country. These usually happen to come out to a geographic area, whether it be a town or neighborhood. However, zip codes can cross state, town, or county boundaries, depending on the usual delivery route of that area. Every zip code is usually serviced by a single post office.

‘ZIP’ actually stands for ‘Zone Improvement Plan’ because it was part of a plan to make mail delivery more efficient. These numbers are used mainly by mail delivery services to help them easily locate an address.

Reading a Zip Code

The five digits all serve a specific purpose. The first digit represents the national area, which is divided up between states and sections of the country. For example, ‘1’ represents Delaware, New York, and Pennsylvania.

The second and third digits represent the post office of the larger area, while the last two digits represent the smaller associate post office or a section within the larger area. For example, ‘033’ represents the area of Merrimack County in New Hampshire. The zip code ‘03303’ covers the postal area within Penacook, a town within Merrimack County.

If you have ever seen a zip code with an extra four digits attached to the end, there is a reason for that. It may look something like this: 03061-3451

This is due to a system change in the 1980s where they decided to add four digits to represent an even smaller geographic location, such as a street or apartment complex- sometimes even a single address. However, these additional numbers are unnecessary when sending mail and are more of an organizational tool.

Interestingly, every post office box has its own unique nine-digit zip code. Therefore, if you get your mail at the post office, you should be able to determine your last four digits by adding the post box numbers onto the back of your zip code. If your post office box is numbered ‘2355’, then these are the last four digits.

Send Mail to Brickell

When mailing something to a person that resides in Brickell, what you write on the letter or package will look something like this:

Street Address

City, State, Zip code
(If you are located outside of the USA)

Here is an example address of the Brickell City Center, a popular shopping mall in the district:
Brickell City Center
701 S Miami Avenue
Miami, Florida 33131
United States of America

Note that there is no need to include ‘Brickell’ in the address. This is inferred from the street address and zip code. As you can also see, the Brickell City Center zip code is 33131.

There are three Brickell Miami zip codes because the neighborhood has multiple postal zones. You should be careful to double-check the specific zip code where you are sending your mail. You can look the street address up on Google maps, and it will show you the correct zip code for that area of the neighborhood.

33131 is the zip code for Brickell properties near the waterfront, while 33130 is for inland properties. The 33129 zip code is used for the southern section of Brickell. You can refer to this map to get a better understanding.

Brickell Key Zip Code

Brickell Key is a small paradise island in the Miami neighborhood of Brickell. The gated community is located centrally and is in close proximity to some of the other major Miami neighborhoods, such as South Beach and Coconut Grove.

Brickell Key offers a number of apartments and condominiums on the beautiful island, with great views of the ocean and city. It is a fantastic place to stay while in Miami.

The Brickell Key zip code is 33131. If you want to send mail to an individual that lives in this community, this is the zip code you should use.

Other Miami Zip Codes

Every Miami zip code starts with either 331 or 332. The final two numbers range from 01 to 55, counting all the post offices in the city and their respective mailing regions.

Within Miami-Dade County, zip codes can range from 330 to 332. This region includes all of Miami and the areas that go to the southern tip of Florida, including part of Everglades National Park. The Florida Keys all have zip codes beginning with 330.

Brickell Geographic Location and Important Facts

Brickell is south of the Miami River, from the Rickenbacker Causeway all the way to Broadway. The north is more of a business district, while the south holds a lot of residential apartments and condominiums.

Apartments can vary in price range, going from mid-range to luxury. There is even an area of Brickell dubbed ‘Millionaires Row,’ where many wealthy residents reside. Here, you will find some of Miami’s most well-known highrise buildings.

Out of Miami’s population of almost half a million people, approximately 30,000 live in Brickell. It is actually one of the denser neighborhoods in the United States. Though the neighborhood has recently begun to attract a lot of young urban professionals, the median age stands at about 37 years old.

You will find Miami’s other popular neighborhoods on all sides of Brickell. To the north is Downtown Miami, where many restaurants, museums, and other attractions are located. Heading west of Brickell will bring you to Little Havana, a lively neighborhood known for its Cuban influence.

While Brickell allows for easy access to some of Miami’s other top neighborhoods, it also offers a ton of amazing activities, including fine dining and entertainment venues.


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