The global Spanish brand, ZARA, a part of the Inditex family, features an immaculate store in Brickell. You’ll find ZARA Brickell located at 701 South Miami Avenue. ZARA Brickell City Center carries with it that regal yet approachable vibe that the brand is known for worldwide.

ZARA began life with its first store in A Coruña, a coastal Spanish city, back in 1975. Since then, it has upheld a stringent definition at its core for every store it has opened. Those defining terms are for clarity, beauty, sustainability, and functionality.

With ZARA Brickell City Center currently opening for all your shopping pleasures, you may want to ensure you go out of your way to shop there. This particular location was awarded the prestigious LEED Gold Certification in April of 2019. ZARA Brickell was presented this award due to constructing indoor spaces that fit in line with being better for people and for the planet.

Additionally, the brand itself is deeply entrenched in bringing fashion and sustainability together in a perfect marriage. With eco-stores like ZARA Brickell and collections that focus on bettering the planet without compromising fashion, the brand is proving it has lasting power to adapt through time.

ZARA Brickell City Center also embarks on innovative projects including clothing recycling containers located in-store to help every shopper make a difference. There’s also free at-home collections of used garments that are used to complement the delivery of orders placed online.

At this location of ZARA Brickell, you’ll find 30,851 square feet of space that spans a two-story layout. The store originally opened in December of 2017 and has already continued to become one of the best locations.

If you’re in the mood to shop, spend your day at Brickell City Center in the Brickell District Miami. Enjoy some lunch and then find your way to ZARA Brickell to browse the affordable fashions that will fill out any part of your wardrobe. Find something new for the office. Choose everyday staple items made in soft, refreshing cotton. If you’re from out of town and your vacation wardrobe isn’t helping you feel cool in this Floridian heat, you’ll be sure to find breezy summer options that will forever remind you of your time in Miami.

There are fashions for men, women, and children that go from clothing to footwear. You’ll also find accessories to pull your whole look together while shopping at ZARA Brickell Miami. And yes, there’s makeup and even things for the home too, so even if you think you just don’t need another outfit (does anyone ever say that?!?) then perhaps something from this section will be the perfect thing to commemorate your stay in Brickell!


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