New to town or visiting? Brickell District Miami is one of the hottest places to be seen. And with the best restaurants in Brickell City Center, you’ll have your pick of tasty eats, no matter what mood of food you’re feeling. From Mexican to Italian and everything in between, come check out these 24 restaurants both in and nearby Brickell City Center today!

1. CH’I 

What’s fascinating about this Brickell District Miami eatery is that it combines Chinese and Latin cuisine. They call it ‘Chino-Latino’ and it’s a fun mashup of flavors that bring the intensity and creativity. There are quite a number of options to dine at CH’I too, as they offer a Garden and Mercado menu for more casual dining, grab-and-go, or takeout. But the main dining room is where you can really explore that Chino-Latino fusion thanks to Executive Chef Rafael Perez Cambana, who draws his inspiration from these two types of cuisines.

Sit down in the main dining room and treat yourself to dim sum. You’ll find tasty like bao burgers of wagyu patties topped with cilantro, cucumber, and carrots with a wasabi mayo. Or try ropa vieja spring rolls, a brilliant combination of cuisine that you’ll wonder why no one thought of sooner. There are many main dishes that will blow your mind, though the fried whole snapper may be the most shining example of perfection. The Mercado menu is also a delight with things like habanero char siu pork ribs, Peking duck tacos, and plenty more Chinese favorites. There’s also a happy hour Monday through Friday from 4pm-7pm with half-priced drinks and dim sum options.

2. Pubbelly Sushi Brickell 

Pubbelly is the staple Brickell City Center Asian restaurant. Although it has many locations, you will love this eclectic gastropub. The fusion here is between Japanese and Latin cuisine with dishes by Chef José Mendín. Once he founded the first location, he was sold on making a place where you could feast upon high-quality dishes in a cool surrounding without going broke. Now more than a decade later, this unique sushi eatery is one of the best places to get sushi in Brickell District Miami.

Share some rock shrimp tempura and then get some of those famous Pubbelly rolls. The Heat Roll is naturally a Miami specialty with spicy tuna, nori tempura flakes, albacore, garlic ponzu, and garlic aioli. Quite honestly, everything on the menu is a winner. And if you’re vegan, they have options for you too like the PB vegan pizza with vegan tuna, avocado, seaweed, sesame, truffle oil, and sea salt.

3. Marabu Brickell 

The unique name of this Brickell District Miami restaurant is a tribute to Cuban culture. The artisanal cuisine comes from the countryside of Cuba, bursting with rich and smoking flavors from cooking to perfection over charcoal. The menu provides a huge range of delightful items such as meat, rice, seafood, and vegetables.

With an alluring and elegant interior, you’ll walk right into this suave Cuban restaurant, complete with a swanky bar with traditional Cuban cocktails crafted with a uniquely modern touch. Dine al fresco at the outdoor pergola if you choose, or stay inside where the temperature is always comfortable.

The team of chefs centers the food around traditional dishes everyone can enjoy. You should start with the croquetas or the tropical ceviche. For entrees, don’t miss the vaca frita or lechon asado. Big portions mean leftovers will make tomorrow an even better day thanks to this Cuban restaurant in Brickell City Center!

4. Luke’s Lobster Brickell City Center 

Feeling like lobster? Head to Luke’s, a Maine seafood family-owned business. It once started as a small lobster roll shack in NYC, born from a desire to find a real Maine lobster roll when the cravings struck. Today in Brickell City Center, you’ll find sustainably-sourced seafood direct from Maine and real fisherman. The most famous item of course is the Maine-style lobster roll though Luke’s trio is also a splendid option since it gives you a sampling of lobster, shrimp, and crab.

5. Puroast Coffee 

Puroast Coffee is a place you can enjoy magical coffee in your cup with a pleasant staff waiting to serve you. There’s much more to it than coffee, though you’d be foolish not to order a double espresso or iced coffee with your meal. Try one of the mouthwatering sandwiches or avocado toasts. The salads are also fresh and bountiful, and will make you feel like you have earned your right to enjoy an almond croissant or other delightful treat. Despite the Brickell locale, the prices are lower than you’ll expect too, perfect for a quick and casual meal.

6. EST.33 Thai Craft Brewery & Kitchen 

This Brickell District Miami Thai restaurant has arrived in Miami from the creator of Singha beer. The flavors and aromas you find in Thai cuisine unite with Miami’s tropical traditions for an incredible experience. It’s Asian meets American barbecue with spices that deepen with the heat from the grill. The large smoker creates an aromatic fragrance in the air and flavors that dance upon your palate. Everything here is truly amazing, balancing that salty, spicy, sour, and sweet harmony that Thai cuisine is so well known for infusing in every dish. Try the red curry crab croquettes or the chicken thigh satay with a tamarind peanut jam.

7. Tacology 

The Mexican restaurant in Brickell City Center where you want to dine is Tacology. It features a mercado style where you can waft between different stations to choose your foods. There are ceviches, tacos, salads, and so much more, all with authentic Mexican flavors bursting in every bite. Make sure you try one of the signature cocktails like the Oaxaca mojito or the build your own paloma. They’re wonderfully refreshing with all those traditional tastes of Mexico.

8. Dr Smood 

Here’s a place for the organic eater. Whether you want breakfast foods, sandwiches, or main dishes, Dr Smood has whatever you’re in the mood to eat. Try an acai superfood bowl with acai, berries, banana, almond butter, raw ginger nut crumble, honey, and cacao. Or go with an organic avocado toast (they have many varieties). Go with a cold turkey sandwich or try a vegan jackfruit mushroom sandwich that will make you do a double take since there’s no meat and tons of tasty flavors.

Seafood like pole-caught tuna or wild-caught smoked salmon are available too, and while the menu boasts so much more like cold pasta, salads, and soups, if you are gluten-free, this is where you need to be for the bakery. Dr Smood has a fantastic selection of fresh-baked gluten-free treats that you can eat!

9. Rodilla 

For a casual bite, you’ll love Rodilla when you’re looking to eat at Brickell City Center. This brand has been synonymous with quality in artisanal and healthy foods since 1939. It began in Spain and now this chain is a staple here in Brickell District Miami. Despite being a chain though, there is no compromise on quality. Get toasts, bagels, classic sandwiches like tuna and tomato, salads, hot sandwiches, baguettes, pastries, cakes, and coffees. Anything you order here is sure to satisfy your hunger and your palate all at once.

10. Capital One Café 

Why yes, Capital One, the bank, has a café. And it’s one of the most laid-back and relaxed places you can visit while in Brickell City Center. You don’t need to bank here to dine here, but if you’d like to open an account you can certainly do so. If not, no one will bother you so come and enjoy handcrafted coffee drinks, teas, sandwiches, and snacks. This cozy space offers a prime location for working with semi-private nooks tucked about and plenty of free Wi-Fi to go around. You’ll also find all the outlets you need to power up your tech while you munch on the tasty café-style food.

11. Stone Sports Bar 

Thinking about catching a movie? The Stone Sports Bar in Brickell City Center is in the movie theater. It’s a cool place to catch your favorite games and boasts the largest indoor LED screen in all of Florida. At night on the weekends, you can even catch a live DJ but at any time, you can grab some chef-created cuisine and mixologist-style cocktails. Try a delicious snack like the Cuban egg rolls which are crispy wontons stuffed with house-made mojo-marinated pork, Swiss cheese, and pickles. Or grab a feature of grilled jambo shrimp served with a red quinoa pilaf, heirloom tomatoes roasted in the oven and a preserved lemon vinaigrette. There’s also pan-seared salmon and other upscale bites, though if all you want is a pizza, you can certainly enjoy that too.

12. Casa Tua Cucina

Inside Saks Fifth Avenue in Brickell District Miami, you’ll find gourmet food to fit your lifestyle. This place boasts freshly-baked breads and traditional paninis along with charcuterie and cheese boards. Everything is baked in-house and ingredients like the prosciutto are imported so that every bite you take is an experience in itself.

Step up to pasta and watch as it is made from scratch before your eyes. You can take it to prepare at home with a jar of Casa Tua’s homemade sauces too. Each one is made with extraordinary ingredients to bring the specialties alive with porcini mushrooms, white truffles, and Parmigiano Reggiano aged for 24 months.

And if that’s not what you’re in the mood for, try the crudo and grill with fresh oysters and other delights. Pizza of course is on the menu with an expert pizza maker to toss your dough and let you top it the way you love it. The classic margherita is always a good choice though you can go with black truffles, quattro formaggi, or even diavola. If you’re gluten-free or dairy-free, you won’t need to stare longingly at the food of your fellow diners for there are options to meet your dietary needs.

Make sure you grab a drink or stop in for happy hour. The vibe changes with the light of day as it moves into night. At any time of day, the desserts are worth the splurge in calories. Try the creamy panna cotta or the classic tiramisu. You can also grab them to go to impress at your next gathering. Nothing goes better with dessert like Italian coffee and the rich Napoli-imported stuff they serve here is pure heaven in a cup. Don’t miss out on it or buy a bag to brew at home so every morning will make you feel like you’re at Casa Tua.

13. Joe & The Juice 

Joe & The Juice is a prime breakfast and juice spot that also does something spectacular with sandwiches too. Particularly, the Tunacado is one to explore as it’s a delicious yet unusual offering. Everything is made fresh here, including those juices, made to order just for you. And they have vegan options that make this a smart stop for those who want healthy and fresh foods while in Brickell District Miami.

14. Sugar

The Brickell City Center rooftop restaurant everyone loves, Sugar, is up on the 40th floor. This rooftop bar and lounge is where Miami’s vibe collides with a chic and happening Hong-Kong fusion. Award-winning drinks, food, and views make it a special place to come for sunset views. Grab an Asian-inspired cocktail and tapas to tide you over. By day, smart casual attire is encouraged though by night, nightlife attire is strictly enforced, so dress for the occasion!

15. Baires Grill

For an Argentinian restaurant in Brickell City Center, head to Baires Grill. This casual restaurant serves up Argentinian specialties as well as it did over 2 decades ago. While the selection isn’t vast, they have completely fine-tuned the dining experience with a selection of cheese boards, seafood, and some of the juiciest, most succulent meats you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. Enjoy a glass of Malbec or another favorite libation with your meal.

16. Quinto La Huella

Quinto La Huella is a special place in Brickell District Miami. This Latin infusion features an open-fire parrilla and wood-fired oven to create authentic dishes from Uruguay. The rustic-chic dining experience carries through from the dining room to the terrace. There is a lunch buffet with Mediterranean-inspired foods like salads, appetizers, charcuterie, and artisanal breads. You can add on signature items like skirt steak, chicken, octopus, and more. And if you want sushi, you can choose RAW during dinners from Tuesday to Saturday. This will give you a lovely selection of fresh sashimi, nigiri, rolls, and specialty dishes. With so many options on the variety, you’ll want to come to Quinto La Huella every day!

17. North Italia

North Italia in Brickell District Miami gives you a handcrafted experience. With only the freshest ingredients, chefs make pizza and pasta from scratch for you daily. It’s quite a difference when your Italian fare is made in this way as the warmth and passion comes through in every bite. Whatever you order here, you’re sure to love, and you’ll be sure to come back again and again when your desire for Italian cuisine strikes.

18. La Sandwicherie

Since 1988, this sandwich shop has been taking the French inspiration to crafting handheld sandwiches that are nothing short of spectacular. Made with fresh ingredients, you’ll find them layered upon crisp baguettes or soft, buttery croissants. With their famed vinaigrette, there is nothing quite like this sandwich shop. While it does have other locations in Wynwood, Coral Gables, North Beach, and Miami Beach, the Brickell District Miami location is going to be your favorite.

19. Sushiato

Miami is big on Miami, and on sushi. So it only makes sense that Sushiato was born to combine that Latino vibe with the Japanese art of sushi cuisine. With owners from Venezuela, they embraced the American dream and let Miami’s inspiration and fresh seafood fuel the concept. With an eclectic team from around the world, the rich mixture of cultures further makes the food stand out.

Try the sushi pizza with shredded tuna, crab, avocado, deep-fried rice, and eel sauce, all with a spicy mayo. Classic rolls, soups, ramen, nigiri, and more await your tasting pleasure at this wonderful sushi stop though the ceviche roll is a truly iconic vision that you simply shouldn’t miss while here.

20. Cantina La Veinte

Ironically at #20 on the list is Cantina La Veinte, or Cantina 20. This cantina in the middle of Brickell District Miami brings you an extensive array of Mexican delights. What makes it stand out is that the dishes represent each state of Mexico. They are made by the traditional techniques and recipes so you’ll only find handmade tortillas and sauces made authentically while the restaurant also infuses new styles of cooking to modernize the cuisine. Foams, vacuum cooking, and spherification are all gastronomical ways that this cantina elevates the humble and soothing foods of Mexican tradition. Try small plates to share with your dining companions, and don’t miss making your own tacos for a truly satisfying and delightful experience.

21. Crazy About You

​If you love Frosé, you’ll be crazy about this place. It has one of the best brunch menus around, though all the other menus will give you reason to come back for any time of day. It’s right on the water, providing a relaxing setting that will make you want to stay longer and have another drink. Why not? Go for it! The diverse menu is ideal when you’ve got people with dietary restrictions along for the meal because there is something for everyone. The fresh-baked cornbread is something you should most definitely order!

22. Truluck’s Ocean’s Finest Seafood and Crab

Truluck’s is the upscale seafood place you want to go when you have a date to impress. It also has steaks though so landlubbers will be pleased. With half-price happy hours and an impressive setup, you will love this Brickell District Miami seafood spot. Not to worry if you don’t eat seafood or meat – they also have plant-based options that will satisfy anyone’s hunger.

23. Tea Room

By evening, head to the Tea Room, a hidden away little lounge and speakeasy. There are plenty of cocktails, live music, and it is the home of the only Asian Night Brunch in Miami. You don’t want to miss this delectable 2-hour dining experience, set in a sophisticated lounge that makes you feel like you’ve transported from Miami as soon as you walk through the door.

24. Stanzione 87

And finally, find traditional Neapolitan pizzas made in a wood-burning oven at Stanzione 87. The modern and open environment feels bright, cheerful, and welcoming. Grab a tasty sub or choose from red or white pizzas. The delicious offerings here will certainly make it hard to pick just one. How about one of each? Don’t forget about the desserts either. They have cannoli, just in case you needed one more thing to send you running straight over there right now.

In the Brickell District Miami, there are so many different kinds of restaurants to enjoy. From casual to upscale and involving a variety of cuisines – sometimes more than one together in one dining room – you can easily pick a restaurant to dine at for any occasion. Whether you just don’t feel like cooking, want to meet friends for a meal, have a hot date, or want to plan a business dinner that impresses, it’s all right here in Brickell City Center!


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