Mornings will start out better and your afternoons will be livelier if you stop in the Brickell Capital One Café. This cozy space in the heart of Brickell District Miami is inside the Capital One, a place that welcomes everyone, even those that don’t bank there.

Inside, you’ll find a thoughtfully-planned interior that provides spaces for work. There are semi-private nooks and community rooms too, so you can work better together if needed. Each space is equipped with plenty of outlets to power up and free Wi-Fi so you can get the job done.

The Brickell Capital One Café offers handcrafted coffee drinks, tea, sandwiches, and snacks. While prices are reasonable for these delicious eats and drinks, if you want to get a special discount, you may want to think about becoming a Capital One customer. As a Capital One customer, you’ll get 50% handcrafted beverages every day when you use your debit or credit card from Capital One.

That’s certainly great incentive to sign up, but again, you don’t have to be a Capital One cardholder to come to the café. Café Ambassadors are there to answer your questions about anything from local events, the café itself, or Capital One services. And while you might worry that the whole thing will be a sales pitch, you can rest assured that they’ll provide a sales-free environment. If, however, you have questions about Capital One and the services it offers, they will gladly answer them.

Priding itself on making everyone feel welcome, this might be your new Brickell District Miami stop for coffee before, after, or during your work day. Bring your laptop and get some work done with a change of scenery. Study for your classes or upcoming exams. Meet some friends to catch up in a place that is comfortable and welcoming. Or simply bring a good book, grab a delicious handcrafted coffee or tea, and get lost in the pages.

While banking is certainly something you can do at the Capital One Café Brickell, the focus here is more about making things accessible for everyone. In Brickell District Miami, this is one of the spots that locals keep talking about because it creates an extension of the workplace or your home space without having to sit through a sales pitch.

Prices are reasonable and quality is excellent, however, it might not be such a bad idea to get a card just to get that 50% off on those handcrafted beverages if you live in the Brickell area!


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