Let’s face it…Miami is all about the heat. Our basketball team is aptly named for the dominating force of weather here, which is why you’re likely looking for the best ice cream in Miami to help you cool off. Lucky for you, there are 5 cool places where you can stop in for a sweet and refreshing treat that will help you ride out these temperatures!

1. Freddo

The Italian word for cold is ‘freddo,’ so if you’re feeling a bit too hot out there in Brickell District Miami, head to Freddo where you can get a few scoops. There’s also other food to be had if you feel like you should be more of an adult and eat a meal first. But we say go ahead and indulge in the good stuff. It’s open until 11pm every night (Fridays and Saturdays until 11:30pm) so you have plenty of time to snag yourself a sweet and chilly treat!

2. Cocowhip

If you’re the healthy sort of person who shuns desserts, you’ll be glad to know that Cocowhip in Brickell District Miami has healthy options. Enjoy a guilt-free dessert that has full-on flavor. Even if you’re gluten-free and dairy-free, this ice cream treat is for you. There’s no additional sugar so you can indulge without any remorse.

3. Haagen Dazs Brickell

Alright, so it’s a big brand, but Haagen Dazs ice cream in Brickell City Center is the spot to take a chill-out break from that oppressive heat. That velvety and soft ice cream we’ve all known and loved for ages is available in tons of flavors. Plus Haagen Dazs has made sure to include gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options in its lineup of ice cream products so that everyone can enjoy the sweetness.


Technically, it’s gelato. But you’re going to love KONOS anyway. This relaxing Brickell District Miami ice cream spot is the perfect pit stop to help you cool off any day. Not in the mood for ice cream? Try a milkshake or smoothie. They also have pastries, sandwiches, frappes, bowls, and plenty more so you can round out your gelato experience with a meal if you so desire, or sinfully stick to your ice cream instead!

5. YUZU Froyo & Crepes

YUZU Froyo & Crepes is certainly a hot spot in Brickell for keeping your cool. The homemade froyo rotates with 12 all-natural flavors in both low-fat and non-fat. Made with probiotics, you’ll be indulging your sweet side in the healthiest way possible. And while you’re here, you can try some crepes in sweet and savory flavors, or simply stick to the froyo. Choose a topping if you like or have a milkshake. Either way, you’ll have plenty of reasons to come in and escape the heat like a boss!

While Brickell may be one of the coolest places around, it will never cool down as far as temperatures go. Make the most of it by grabbing the best ice cream in Miami!


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